HOME TOUR - Before & After: Midtown Bungalow in Atlanta

One of the things I love most about social media is the ability to engage and communicate with friends and colleagues all around the country. It’s also an awesome way to network and find potential new clients. In this case, this client found the Brooke Lang Design Instagram profile, admired the work I’d previously done, and we began working together virtually.

This client is a family of three that had recently moved into their new home. But with a small child and both spouses working, they hadn’t found the time to fully decorate their home. I totally understand how difficult it can be juggling work/life balance, so I was happy to take on this project to help create their dream family home.


In this digital world, it’s even easier to share creative ideas and possibilities with inspiration sites like Pinterest and Houzz. Based on the sample inspiration boards the client shared with me, I took cues from the boards and create several, custom looks and share them with her remotely in order to decide on a final design direction. The wife loved monochromatic neutrals while the husband was into more modern materials like woods and metals, so we settled on the overall style as modern, with a love for neutral, muted colors.


Outside of the wall paint and the dark wood floors, the living room was essentially a blank slate, which allowed me the ability to curate the space with ease. While neutral beiges set the foundation for the room, we added dark grey linen chairs and dark velvet pillows to the room for a touch of contrast.

We selected and ordered all the major pieces in advance and I flew to Atlanta to implement the design and accessorize. The timing was perfect, as the family was out of town for a long weekend so I could have complete creative control on the install and deliveries.