Lake Park Crescent | The Living & Dining Room Makeover

I haven’t shared my process with you before, but this makeover was quick and fast and the client is a good friend of mine. There are so many good things about my job, truly – always shopping, the joy I feel in transforming a space and finally, being inserted into someone’s life for a few weeks!

Andre approached me in mid August as he was closing on his new place. I said yes, almost immediately because I know the first time home buying process can be strenuous and I wanted him to have a new, beautiful space. And well, he’s a good friend and has the cutest dog, Marlowe.

Together, we started the design process, creating an inspiration board and creating the floor plan.  Here is the before images and floor plan.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

Existing Floor Plan

Existing Floor Plan

The goal was to keep it industrial modern! The design needs and goals were: 

  1. Dog friendly. He wanted a living space that his dog Marlowe could freely move around in, so large pieces of furniture would not work. Seems like a fair request.
  2. Colorful but calm. Andre is super busy with work, school and an active social life. He did not want a lot of visual clutter that will be distracting! We kept the color palette full of whites, grays, reclaimed woods and limited pops of color.
  3. Warm and Industrial. Striking this balance was a fun task. As a bachelor, Andre loves to entertain, so it needed to be party friendly, but still warm and comfortable.

Here’s what we did to his place:

Did we nail the rustic industrial look? Here’s how it all started:

Then we made a floor plan of where the furniture was intended to go.

There were two different layout options as you’ll see with the living room. Andre chose the one on the left because it created the most seating space and was a good flow for Marlowe.  

Of course once we went shopping, things changed a bit more, but it gave us a good idea of what size furniture to order.

Let’s talk about how this space is dog friendly really quick, shall we?

1.     We tried to minimize the amount of hard corners, so that Marlowe didn’t run into them! The sofa, coffee table (stools) and chairs all have rounded corners.

2.     The rug is a relatively inexpensive find that isn’t precious. It isn’t dark (again, we wanted to make it feel bright and airy) but it is a handwoven, wool blend which is way more stain resistant. The rug has the same pattern on both sides, so you can turn it over and it will withstand more wear and last even longer.

3.     All of the breakables and pottery were taken off of the lower shelves and moved up. Andre had lots of books so we installed this inexpensive shelving and painted it silver to match the rest of the décor.

And here is in the other direction.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before

And that's it! Hope you liked it!

Malibu Lust

I came across this home tour in Architectural Digest and it's safe to say I'm completely obsessed!  This Malibu mansion belongs to real estate maven Kurt Rappaport and it is every bit lustworthy. Here's why:

(image source)

So good, right? A great mix of industrial modern, comfortable chic and refined luxury. My favorite combinations!



Interior Designer Amanda Nisbet is not afraid of decorating with bold colors, even in a historically traditional area of New York such as Park Avenue. In this project, she was not shy on massive splashes of color, bold photography and rich accessories. She is our pick for this week’s DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT. 

photography by Roger Davies

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