The first step is to work with the client to get as much information as possible, and this is done through a design brief. A design brief ensures that important design issues are considered and questioned, topics in a design brief may vary but a few good starting points are:where we learn about your needs, style, budget & desires)


1.     Initial Consultation & Site Visit to determine scope of work, functional needs/styles and to measure existing conditions.

2.     Inspiration/Concept Board where we convey preliminary design direction & color palettes.

3.     Create a Budget that outlines every item needed for the space, along with proposed budget ranges.


DESIGN (where we generate ideas and brainstorm solutions)

4.     Create Floor Plans depicting a furniture layout (showing the scale of each item & approx. dimensions).

5.      Design Presentation including Room Renderings, Product Images and List of Budgeted Items.

6.      Solicit Feedback & gain approvals (One major revision per room is included at no additional cost. Additional revisions will be billed hourly.)


PURCHASE (where we start to bring your design to life)

7.     Prepare Installation Documents to solicit competitive bids from vendors.

8.     Prepare Purchase Orders and negotiate pricing on your behalf.

9.     Track Orders from all vendors and make changes as needed.


INSTALL (where we ensure that all goes according to plan)

10.  Site Visits to ensure design intent is actualized according to plan.

11.    Receive & Inspect all purchases (items will be delivered to a receiving company who will inspect merchandise and assemble items if needed.)

12.    Installation & Accessorizing of all items purchased (Designer will be at the Client’s address as needed to oversee all deliveries & installations including large furniture assembly, lighting, window treatments, and accessorizing).